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Hi8 (can be used for DV8)



It's time to move your video or audio to a digital format

Optical media (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) is rated to store data -without loss or degradation - for over 100 years! Almost everyone has hours of precious memories that need to be preserved on a longer lasting format than mini-cassettes or VHS tapes.

Send us your magnetic media, and we'll send your video back on high-quality, long lasting DVD, Blu-Ray discs or digital video clips.  Your audio can be captured from cassette tapes then burned to a labeled CD.

Now, ElectroCare has removed the biggest barrier most people face - costs that are too high.  Safeguarding your recorded moments from the ravages of time is an accessible option, thanks to our low prices.

Take a moment to check out our Services Overview and prices.  Also, make sure you get the FAQ's for tons of information about the storage life expectancy of various media, factors that determine audio/video quality and a whole lot more.

Why Should I have ElectroCare handle my audio/video transfers?

  • Great quality video
  • Super low prices
  • On-line ordering and tracking of your order
  • It will make you happy(er)

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